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Alzbeta AMIEN freelance translator

The translation, interpreting and subtitling service is offered in particular to companies that wish to operate or already operate in an international environment in partnership with the Czech Republic and / or the Slovak Republic.


Services :

Translation of documents with the respect of the layout.

Interpreting at meetings between business partners

Subtitling for short videos (company presentations, advertisement, presentation...)


Member of Société Française des Traducteurs

Member of ProZ

Working languages:

French - Czech

Czech - French

Slovak - French

Slovak - Czech

English - Czech

Type of documents:

Patents, Manuals, Notices, Guides, Websites, Brochures, Catalogs, Minutes, Reports, Contracts, Medical Reports, etc.


Format of processed documents:

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Text, XML

Areas of translation:







Czech translator Azbeta Amien

I am a freelance technical translator with 8 years experience. I work regularly for various clients including companies (translation agencies) in the fields of industry (automotive, agribusiness, civil engineering, pharmaceutical and many others), I also have extensive experience in the field of medical translations and legal.


I translate from French to Czech and Czech to French, and also from Slovak to Czech or French and from English to Czech or French.
I have at my disposal subtitling tool for subtitling business presentation or another short videos.

I would be pleased to assist you in your projects!

Do not hesitate to contact me, each project is unique and deserves special attention in order to agree on better conditions of its realization.




                    Regular translations for CLEISS (Centre of European and International Liaisons for Social Security)

  • Technology:                               Construction Guide                             428000 words

                                                       Manual - Swimming pool pump               1300 words 

                                                       Guide - nuclear security                          1400 words

                                                       Manual – Agricultural machinery             1000 words

  • Law:                                           Contracts                                                 5200 words

                                                       Correspondence                                     4000  words

  • Finances:                                   Financial report                                     11000  words

  • Food industry:                            Packaging                                             10000 words

  • Realty                                         Adverts                                                  10000 words

  • General:                                     Articles (magazines)                              20000 words

  • Source file:                                 Bank terminal                                           3000 lines

                                                        Web application                                       5800 words

  • Cosmetics                                   Handouts                                               10000 words

  • Sport:                                          Articles                                                     5500 words

                                                        Sports machines                                    10000 words

  • HR                                               Adverts                                                  12000 words

  • Medical                                       Medical reports                                       5000 words

                                                                           Medical instruction leaflet                       2000 words

  • Transcriptions and subtitles        Medical presentation                             40 minutes recording

                                                                           Presentation for GPS navigation            20 minutes recording

  • Literature                                     Book for children (Hravouka, T. Vostradovská) 14 000 characters         

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